Hey sweet friend! I'm Kristi, owner and maker of All That Glitters.

First and foremost, it's important to me that you know why jewelry is my favorite thing to create. I believe we are all born with inherent, individualized beauty both inside and out. We can shine our light as bright as we choose to, but occasionally need help turning up the shine. When we adorn ourselves in creations that make us feel good and have meaning, our light shines a lot brighter. For me, the bolder the creation I wear, the brighter the light. I want everyone who wears what I make to feel empowered - not just exteriorly, but to their bones.

That's why each piece I make is not only hand-crafted in my home studio, but alchemized deeply with love and intention. Every design is created to evoke particular facets of yourself and bring them forward. What we adorn ourselves with holds power, and we can manifest that power into tangible form when we are aware of what we want to cultivate.

I choose to make everything with metals and gemstones that shine bright, too. Each creation is hand forged to make a one of a kind piece that reflects your light even more brilliantly back into the world. I make sure that every single thing I make is perfectly crafted with love before sent to their new homes.

I feel so much gratitude to do this for a living. I wildly appreciate those of you that chose to support small business, to trust makers to be excellent at their craft and provide a service that makes everyone involved feel good. All That Glitters is beyond a business - it's my heart, my livelihood, and my passion. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for supporting me.